Temesi Apol is a doctoral student of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. She researches the second lives of industrial waste, looking for solutions to structural surfaces, in which the materials’ original positive qualities are complemented by the new perspectives provided by the work done on them.

Her newest project goes by the name of LAMBSKIN and is in cooperation with the only Hungarian organic felt producer. Using the material cutoffs created during manufacturing, patterns are created and then woven together to make a structured wall surface rich in detail and infinite in possibilities. While cutting out the swaths of felt and in order to use the items falling from the samples, the artist, using her own weaving technique, creates nine smaller structured surfaces which react with the pattern of the wall’s surface and thus complete the work.

In the creation of LAMBSKIN Temesi Apol frequently calls attention to the use of waste material and at the same time offers artistic and design solutions